Extract from ‘A Spiritual Odyssey’.


I remember once a few years ago, listening to a radio discussion. I do not remember the exact composition of the panel but, as I recall, there was a Catholic Priest, and Anglican Minister, an atheist, one or two others, no doubt including an agnostic or two. The discussion centred on belief in a real God and the Catholic Priest was stoutly defending the dogma of the Real Presence. The atheist said, and I cannot forget his words. “You Catholics talk a great talk. You maintain that the Great God, the creator of the universe, is permanently present in the tabernacles of your churches, yet you saunter casually in and out of the place: chatter with your friends in front of the altar. Let me tell you this’ If I believed what you profess to believe and entered one of your churches, I would have to crawl up the aisle on my hands and knees, so conscious would I be of the greatness of the One who is present before me”.