Baruch was a man of noble extraction and learned in the Law. He was secretary and disciple to the Prophet Jeremiah and a sharer in his labours and persecutions.

586  BC

1. The book of Barach, written in Babylonia, is read to the people in exile including nobles and the sons of kings. The people fast and pray, confess their sin and take a collection which is sent to Jeruslam asking that sacrifices be made to the Lord. Barch 1:1-18.
2. The people confess their disobedience and the evils that they have done. They accept the curses which the Lord foretold to Moses. They have not hearkened to God’s commands. Baruch 1:19-22.
3. Their history is put before the people. They plead that the Lord should hear their prayer. Baruch 2:1-35.
4. They beg for mercy. Baruch 3:1-38
5. Exhortation on the Law of Wisdom. The people must have patience and hope for deliverance. Barch 4:1-37.
6. The return of the Exiles. Baruch 5:1-9.
7. A warning against idolatry. Idolatry is useless, the idols are powerless. Baruch 6:1-72.