515 BC ?

Joel, whose name means "The Lord God (Yahweh is God)" prophesied in the kingdom of Judah. Scholars are unable to agree on the time of his prophetic activity. Among the blessings of the future Messianic period, Joel foretells the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

1. Joel uses a disastrous swarm of locusts as a symbol of warning of the terror of God’s approaching judgement day. Joel 1:1-20.
2. The locusts become a picture of the invading army of God on the day of his judgement. He is calling on men to repent. Joel calls the whole nation to turn to God and pleads for mercy. And in response God promises to restore in profusion all that the locusts have robbed them of. Joel 2:1-27.
3. Joel saw the days when God’s spirit would be poured out, not just on priests and prophets, but on ordinary people, regardless of sex age or class. The nations will be punished for all they have inflicted on God’s people. Multitudes will be gathered to God’s judgement. There he will decide their destiny. All evil will be done away with on that momentous, earth-shaking day. Joel 2:28-32 & 3:1-21.