This book is named after the woman, whose sublime faith in God and heroic love of country are here recorded. By her valour she saved her people, when Holofernes and his army threatened to destroy them.

1. King Nabuchodonosor defeats king Arphaxad and, in his pride, sends messengers to all the cities and towns telling everyone to come to him at the borders of Ethiopia. They all refuse to come and Nabuchodonosor is angry. Judith 1:1-12.
2. Nabuchodonosor commands the general of his army, Holofernes, to attack those who had refused to come to him. Holofernes carries out his orders and with a large army puts many to the sword and burns crops. Judith 2:1-18.
3. Kings and princes of other cities, hearing of Holofernes success, send ambassadors and agree to serve Nabuchodonosor. But Holofernes’ heart was set on destruction and he continued to cut down the cities and their crops. Judith 3:1-15.
4. The children of Israel fear for their safety. At Bethulia they strenghten their walls and gather corn for provision for war. The priest Eliachem goes amongst them encouraging them to pray for deliverance from Holofernes. Judith 4:1-16.
5. Holofernes hears of the Bethulia’s resistance and is angry. Achoir, the captain of Holofernes army, tells the history of the Israelites and explain that their God will defend them. Judith 5:1-29.
6. Holofernes is indignant at Achoir’s words and predicts that when the Israelites are slain Achoir will also be put to the sword. Holofernes has Achoir taken and handed over to the Israelites. Achoir declares all things to the people who after weeping continue with their prayers and comfort Achoir. Judith 6:1-21.
7. Holofernes cuts off the major spring water supply to the city but the people take water from springs just outside the city walls. Holofernes has these springs guarded. Judith 7:1-10.
8. After twenty days the people run out of water. They are encourged to wait and pray for five more days before giving in to Holofernes. Judith 7:11-25. B.C.
9. Judith is a widow, a holy woman who spends her days in fasting and praying. She is exceedingly beautiful. She encourages the people to trust in God. She offers to go out of the city with a servant and asks the people not to query her plans but to pray that in five days the Lord will deliver his people from danger. Judith 8:1-34.
10. Judith prays. Judith 9:1-19.
11. Judith puts on her finest dress and her jewellery and goes out of the city towards Holofernes’ camp. She is stopped and questioned by the watchmen and plays the part of a traitor. She is taken to Holofernes. Judith 10:1-20.
12. She maintains her traitor roll with Holofernes who is taken in, not only by her words, but also by her beauty.Judith 11:1-21.
13. Holofernes lusts for Judith and commands his eunuch to persuade her to dwell with him. Judith accepts Holofernes request and joins him at a feast at which Holofernes drinks more wine than he has ever drunk before. Judith 12:1-20.
14. Judith is alone with Holofernes who is fast asleep being exceedingly drunk. She takes his sword and after a prayer for help cuts off his head. Judith 13:1-11.
15. Judith and her servant return to the Israelite city and show the people Holofernes’ head which her servant had carried. Judith 13:12-31.
16. The next day at Judith’s command the Israelites make an assault on Holofernes camp. The captain goes to waken Holoferens to find him beheaded and Judith gone. When the army chiefs hear this they are in fear. Courage fails them. They flee and the Israelites are victorious. Judith 14:1-18 & 15:1-8
17. The high priest, Joachim, comes from Jerusalem to see Judith and take part in the deliverance celebration. Judith 15:9-15.
18. The canticle of Judith. Judith 16:1-24.
19. The last days of Judith. Judith 16:25-31.