Who is Michael Blackburn


 Michael was born in Eastbourne on the 31st January 1932. He was born into a practising Roman Catholic family and that faith has always been a way of life. He has spent most of his life in Yorkshire though his education was at Douai Abbey Benedictine Monastery School in Berkshire. 

He has a wife two daughters and a son, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

Due to ill health he retired at age 55 when his interest in matters spiritual filled his new amount of spare time. 

He has been on pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Lourdes, Fatima, Knock, Medjugorje, San Giovanni Rotundo and Lorreto. It is these pilgrimages which have been the inspiration for his writings plus collecting spiritual articles (mostly serious but sometimes humorous). 

All Michaelís writings and collecting have been done for his own benefit though he has always been pleased to share them. It was his son, John, who suggested starting a website. It is hoped that others will find something of interest.