580 BC

Obadiah, whose name is interpreted "The servant of the Lord (Yahweh)", foretells the destruction of Edom because of her injustices to Judah and the city of Jerusalem. The time of Obadiah’s prophetic ministry cannot be determined with certainty but some scholars assign it to the reign of King Jehoram 848- 841 B.C.

1. Obadiah denounces Edom’s pride. The Edomites thought their strongholds invincible, but they would be utterly destroyed. (Herod the Great, ruler of the Jews at the time of Jesus was a descendent of the Edom. After A.D.70 the Edomites entirely disappeared from history.) Obadiah foretells the return of Israel to possess a greatly extended land including former Edomite territory. Obadiah 1:1-21. B.C.