Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks are due to my wife and my son for their invaluable help.  This Synopsis is jointly dedicated to my wife , without whose love and patience it would not have been undertaken, and to Brother Walgan – Francis, without whose encouragement it would not have been completed.



A De La Salle Brother, Brother Walgan was proof- reading the final copy of this entire work when he was called to his eternal reward. I have missed him very much. He was a tower of strength during the writing of the first Synopsis and has continued to be so throughout the preparation of this Revised Reprint and the writing of the Two Supplements. Not only have I missed his irreplaceable advice but also his tremendous sense of humour. Almost every letter I received from him contained something to chuckle about. During the last few weeks, despite not being able to write to him, I have had the definite feeling that, as I completed the proof-reading, he has been looking over my shoulder and ensuring that I don’t miss the many spelling and/or grammatical mistakes which the work contains. Brother Walgan will want the ‘last laugh’ so if any mistakes remain they will be his way of saying: "You missed that one didn’t you?!"



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