This book is named after the holy man, whose history is here recorded. Though led into captivity, he distinguished himself by his unwavering faith in God. He is healed of his blindness and his son is saved from an unpleasant death.

1. Even in captivity Tobias does not foresake the way of truth. God gave him favour in the eyes of the king Salmanasar so he was allowed to go where he pleased. Thus he was able to look after his sick brothers and to bury them. Tobias 1:1-17.
2. King Salmanasar is succeeeded by his son, Sennacherib, who hated the Israelites. Tobias and his wife, Anna, and their son have to flee for their lives. After forty-five days the king is killed by his own sons and Tobias and his family return. Tobias 1:18-25.
3. Tobias loses his sight. But he accepts his disability and does not complain. Tobias 2:1-23.
4. Tobias prays and, at the same time, a widow called Sara, was also praying. She was possessed by devil who had killed her seven husbands. Tobias 3:1-25.
5. Tobias counsels his son. He tells his son of a loan of ten talents of silver which he made many years earlier. He asks his son to collect the debt. Tobias 4:1-23.
6. The son goes to find someone to travel with him to secure the loan. He meets the Angel Raphael (but does not know who it is) who guides him to the town where the debtor lives. They are accompanied by a dog. On their way they catch a fish and pass by the home of Sara. The angel recommends the son to ask for her hand in marriage. Tobias 5:1-28 & 6:1-22.
7. Sara’s father is afraid to give her in marriage because of the deaths of her previous seven husbands. But the Angel Raphael assures him that no harm will come from this union. Tobias 7:1-20.
8. Accepting the Angel’s advice the son and Sara pray together for three days during which time the Angel Raphael rids Sara of the devil. Tobias 8:1-24.
9. The son and the Angel Raphael continue their journey to the debtor who pays the debt. Tobias 9:1-12.
10. Tobias is concerned as his son is a long time returning. Tobias 10:1-13.
11. The son and his bride return, preceded by the dog wagging its tail. Using the gall of the fish, which they had earlier caught, the Angel Raphael cures Tobias of his blindness. Tobias 11:1-21. B.C.
12. The Angel Raphael reveals his identity. Tobias 12:1-22.
13. The Canticle of Tobias. A canticle of rejoicing. Tobias 13:1-23.
14. The last days of Tobias and of his son. Tobias 14:1-17.