My Faith comes from working backwards from recent




First let us note some of the signs which God has sent

in the past.


The Old Testament.


As early as Chapter 12 in Genesis God speaks to

Abraham and in Chapter 17 of Genesis God made a covenant with Abraham.

In Chapter 32 of Genesis God changes Jacob’s name to Israel. (Jacob

said “…I have seen God face to

face…”) The story of Joseph tells of God’s reward to those who love

and obey Him. Then came Moses, Joshua, The Judges and The Prophets.


The New Testament.

The last of the Prophets was John the Baptist.

But those who argue against there being a God will

suggest that all the above are due to misinterpretation.

They happened too long ago for them to be believable.


Since Then.

Since then God has sent Mary to us to assure us of His

love. Some of her apparitions are comparatively recent: La Salette

1846: Lourdes 1858: Knock 1879; Fatima 1917; Beauraing 1932/33 and

Banneux 1933. To read about these apparitions go to

www.religiouswriting.com and to ‘The Life of Mary’.

The apparition a Knock was especially interesting. It

did not take place on a sunny mountain top as at La Salette or in a

grotto by a river as in Lourdes or on a shepherds field as at Fatima

but on a rainy evening at the gable end of a church in County Mayo.

The apparition was of Our Lady, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist

who was holding a book. There were eventually fifteen people watching

the apparition aged from six to seventy-five. The apparition was not

at ground level but raised up. It looked solid but a lady who went to

kiss the feet of Our Lady found herself kissing thin air! Nevertheless

the apparition was very clear – a thirteen year old boy was able to

see lines on the book which St. John was holding. While the watchers

were rained on ‘it was teeming with rain’ the rain did not fall on the

apparition. The gable end of the church remained dry. After several

hours the watchers started to disperse – for the youngest it would be

bed time. Others left to get dry and some never thought

that what they were seeing transitory; they thought it was permanent.

Eventually the last few watchers were called away to help an ill old

lady who was tying to get to see the apparition. When they returned

the apparition had gone – there was just the rain striking the gable

end of the church. What a shock that must have been.

Within two months a Commission had been set up to

examine the Knock happenings. One of the ‘possibilities’

was that the vision was no more than a Magic Lantern Slide and/or use

of luminous paint. This was investigated at the time by a scientist

and later by a newspaper reporter from The Daily Telegraph. Both

stated that such an answer was impossible. Examination of the Knock

witnesses was not able to find the apparition to be false.


My Conclusion.

Considering the Knock apparition alone and accepting

it as completely authentic I do not need to look elsewhere to find

God. How else can such apparitions take place except by the power of

the God who made us and loves us.