Who Will Gain Entry To Heaven?                                             May 2002.

 At this time, around the world, fighting is taking place in the name of religion, in the name of freedom, and in the name of a God who only wants peace. Those who are fighting think that their efforts will gain them an immediate entry to heaven. Theirs is a false logic because what they are doing will ensure that they are refused entry. What they are doing is completely contrary to what God wants. Only after a time of cleansing will they be granted access. 

The appalling situation in Palestine between the Jews, Muslims and Christians, and in other parts of the world where religion is used to wage war will ensure that the perpetrators will find heaven’s door firmly closed. The present situation in the Sudan where those in the North are arbitrarily killing those in the South and all in the name of oil, will ensure a closed heavenly gate. Similar situations exist in Laos and Burma. A time of cleansing is the only place for the perpetrators of such atrocities. 

Another false logic is the misuse of the word ‘Martyr.’ Nowadays a martyr is considered to be someone who is prepared to kill themselves while, at the same time, killing others. These people are not martyrs they are murderers. A true martyr is one who is put to death for their faith. To kill oneself is suicide and to kill others in the process is murder. People who carry out these atrocities will not gain the immediate entry to heaven which they anticipate. Once again a period of cleansing, away from God, will be their reward. 

It is sad, because many have been falsely led to believe that, after their atrocities, heaven’s gates will be open to them. The moment when they realise that they have been badly misled will be a terrible time for them. But the fact that “I didn’t know” will be no excuse. It does not take much brain power to realise ‘right’ from ‘wrong.’ In due course those who teach what is ‘wrong’ will receive the result of their wrongdoing. 

The same applies to anyone who, although not physically fighting, has hate in their hearts. No-one with hate in their hearts will enter heaven. Think of the situation in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants. Any of those who harbour hate will not gain entry to heaven without a time of cleansing. 

Another section of people who will find Heaven’s door closed is those who have racist feelings. Racism is a sin in whatever form it takes. It can be the indigenous with racist feelings to the immigrants or the immigrants with racist feelings to the indigenous. Racism is neither black nor white. In either case the Heavenly gates will be closed until a cleansing has taken place. 

If only everyone world-wide would realise that love, and love alone, is the passport to heaven. ‘Religious conflicts’, ‘hate’ and ‘racism’ in any form will be the cause of great distress to those who find themselves outside the Heavenly Gates for as long as it takes for them to be cleansed. 

In all cases ‘Love’ is the passport for entry to Heaven.